Chester Building

From the desk of Robert O. Agbede

President & CEO

Letter from the President

Teamwork is essential to the success of every industry and every business. The accomplishments of a team always surpass the accomplishments of an individual. This concept has been fundamental to building a foundation for our success at Chester.

This message still holds true today, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to Chester's core value of leveraging the strength of teamwork and communication. With the first quarter of 2014 coming to a close and the promise of springtime and new beginnings on the horizon, I challenge every member of the Chester team to live out this value by leveraging our portfolio of new and existing services to grow the business. Together, we will embark on our new journey with a vision that is refocused and renewed. In that vein, I am extremely delighted to share the new Chester vision with you today as follows:

Chester Group is a global leader and local partner providing sustainable solutions to change communities and improve lives.

In 2014, we must strive to deliver an excellent client experience - the Chester Experience - in order to build a strong business and sustain a better world. Our future vision and success depends on YOU! For our team members, let's take pride in what we do and recognize that our success enables us to provide opportunities for growth, development and advancement for everyone that works at Chester. For our clients, we must continue to provide excellent services because they count on us to deliver on our promises. For our communities, we should strive to become models of civic leadership by dedicating our time and talents to supporting the areas where we live, work and play.

Our journey will not be easy. It will be very challenging and will require hard work. To achieve success, it will be necessary to think in new and different ways. Similarly, our new vision calls for flexibility and patience as new things are discovered and new ground is covered. Keep in mind, this is a journey and not a destination. Our work will never be done. Together, we can achieve our new vision as well as our 2014 business goals if we remain focused on the key aspects of the Chester Experience and our core business strengths.

Your call to action today is to: Live the Chester Way - Every Day! Simply stated, deliver an excellent service to the client - every day. Satisfy the client and we will have continuous opportunities for sustained business growth. To ensure excellent service delivery, consider employing these three simple steps:

  • Listen. It's pretty difficult to satisfy a client if you don't know what they want and need. Most of the time, all you have to do to figure this out is to simply listen.
  • Know your field. Be knowledgeable about not only your skill set, but also Chester's full portfolio of services. Leverage the expertise of the full Chester team to surpass the client's expectations!
  • Demonstrate the value of the Chester Experience. Sell the "Why" Chester - A global leader and local partner providing sustainable solutions to change communities and improve lives.

Whether the client is internal or external to Chester, listen and deliver an excellent Chester Experience!

The Chester future holds a profitable portfolio of companies that offer new and better services, and upholds a corp orate culture that is dedicated to building and sustaining a winning team.

We are making our own future - I am counting on YOU!