Diversity & Inclusion

We Value and Embrace Our Diversity - Every Day and in Every Way!

At Chester, we embrace every facet of our diversity and inclusion. In order to solve problems and meet the changing needs of our diverse group of clients, we understand that we need the creative input and energy of a diverse group of people who work for and are affiliated with Chester.

Chester is one of the nation's largest African American-owned environmental, energy and design engineering firms, and we are committed to ensuring and embracing diversity among our internal team members and the suppliers we partner with. We believe that a team is made stronger when a wide range of perspectives come to the table to solve a problem.

Our diversity also makes Chester a company of choice, attracting the best job candidates. Our team members strive to maintain an inclusive environment where the opinions of all stakeholders are captured and addressed. When it comes to hiring and engaging our people, we seek out candidates that will work together with our team members to make the Chester experience excellent.

Chester's diversity and inclusion priorities include the following strategic objectives:
  • Inclusion: Foster an environment that promotes inclusion, respect and success for ALL employees
  • Management Accountability: Ensure leaders champion and position diversity as a strategic business imperative to drive company growth
  • Education and Training: Create learning opportunities that leverage our ability to compete in a diverse marketplace and help realize our diversity vision
  • Recruitment, Development, and Retention: Increase the recruitment, development, and retention of a high-performing , diverse workforce
  • Communication: Raise awareness and heighten our understanding of diversity as a core business value for the entire employee population
  • Marketplace Focus: Build strategic partnerships with clients, suppliers, and communities in which we live and work

At Chester, diversity extends beyond our employees and subcontractors. Our diversity focus contributes to the economic prosperity of the communities in which we work and live. In addition, we extend our commitment to community service through financial, civic and volunteer efforts.